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What Makes Autism Storyworld Unique?

"We experience it, We live it, We learn from it,

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow..."


Before we begin, we believe in SIMPLICITY

"Make it simple...Teach it simple."


Autism Storyworld provides online parent training and support to parents/carers of children with autism and developmental delays.


Specialising in helping parents support their child's big emotions through holistic approaches and deeper connections.


We know parenting kids with autism is hard because we've lived it, being parents of autistic kids with developmental delays.


With our range of skills, training and lived experience in autism parenting, we've overcome the most difficult behaviours and struggles. 


We now have calm in our life and would love to help you create calm in your life too with our life-changing special parenting program ClubCalm™ exclusively for parents/carers who want to see positive results. It's a parent-child connection program, taking a holistic approach. 


Autism Storyworld also handcrafts life skill story books (visual helpers) for children and the families who love them.


Visual helpers are tools that help your child learn life skills in a way that they understand. The story books are helpful tools that support our autism parenting programs.


Life skill story books can be used to teach everyday life and social skills. The stories help children learn and understand social settings like going to school, supermarket, toileting and so on.


Our story books are made simple and ready to use, saving you time. The stories are made with not many pages as children's attention span is generally short. Each page has an image with some words to cater for the visual learner, to help with their big emotions, transitions, and emotional regulation. 


For your convenience, ALL our products are available to you anytime, anywhere, downloadable and printable to any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Once products are downloaded no internet usage is required, making story-time easy for you.


Each story is intended to celebrate the child’s learning which encourages them to think or say “I DID IT”.


Our story books help you communicate with your child in an interactive and positive way supporting them to be involved in life activities the FUN way!


Here is what you can experience

  • No more exhausting power struggles
  • Days without meltdowns
  • Supporting their big emotions  
  • A calmer more peaceful household
  • Less stress on the entire family
  • Better relationships and deeper connections with loved ones
  • Greater happiness knowing your child can do things themselves
  • More peace of mind knowing you have made positive changes for your child's future
  • Easy transitions with reduced sensory overload
  • Your child learning life skills like sharing, turn taking, listening, waiting, playing with others
  • Plus, a lot more


About Us



Hi, I'm Narelle. An Autism Parent, Emotion (EQ) Coach, Registered Nurse, Educator & Trainer and an Autism & Parent Support Specialist.

With over 20 years of nursing experience in both adult and paediatric nursing, I have dedicated my life helping people improve their quality of life. I am a super proud "mummy" of kids with special needs but as I like to say “different needs”. My kids have autism and developmental delays, amongst other diagnosis. I love supporting parents giving a helping hand with this special parenting.




Hi, I'm Sean. An Autism Parent, Educator & Trainer, Emotion (EQ) Coach, Autism Safety Consultant, and an Autism & Parent Support Specialist.

I'm "daddy" to my precious kids who have autism and developmental delays, amongst other diagnosis. I have more than 8 years experience in the autism field and 18 years expertise in health and safety. I love giving parents real-life practical strategies that can be used everyday to prevent and stop the difficult behaviours. Also specialising in teaching parents about autism safety awareness in the home. 

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Last update: 24 October 2018


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